Please do contact us for details on any specific piece of work or kind of communication exercise, and we will be happy to share details with you. Of course, we would be happier still to execute
your project with you!
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Entertainment9 will be planning for 6-7 feature films and a number of Commercials/TVCs in the coming months.
involved with all stages of pre-production, production & post production activities but it also acts as a facilitator for co- production ventures with international and national partners.
We require smart female volounteers & hostess with fluency in english for logistics and ground management of a major conference at Mumbai. Please mail your pics & profile asap to
a) Manager/ Executives with at least 1 year experience for Marketing, Business Development. Those with some exposure in events & conferences will be preferred. Mail your CV asap to-
Invite for panel
FILMMAKERS PANEL:- As an Individual you can join our filmmakers panel. You are eligible if you are an film investor or are presently working as a director, production team member, writer, cinematographer, editor, musician, advertising, marketing or media professional and acknowledged to be amongst the best.
Only those with experience and good track record will be considered. Your talent, vision, creative genius & work profile are important for becoming part of our Eminent Filmmakers Panel.
Freelance Fashion Photographers for undertaking portfolios & related shoots for clients and for artists managed by us. Please mail your work profile and links/photos of your best 3 assignments to

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